Fairy Hold My Hand In The Rain
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TRACK NAME: Remember
ALBUM TITLE: Danny Phantom
ARTIST: Robbyn Kirmsse
PLAY COUNT: 456736
“Oh, I know, I know. Those shows are aimed at 3 to 11 year olds. That’s always the cry of creators who have to “defend” their cartoon characters against the gay thing. But that’s some kind of ridiculous. The problem with that argument is that it supposes the only thing gay characters in gay relationships would do is have gay sex. Like if you tell a kindergartener that Princess Bubblegum and her sometimes arch-nemesis/sometimes BFF Marceline are lesbians, the first thing she is going to do is ask how scissoring works. She won’t. You know how I know? Because she didn’t ask whether or not Ariel and Prince Eric do it missionary-style.”


Heather Hogan for AfterEllen (X)

That’s what I’ve been saying for ages. Thank you, Heather!

(via relax-o-vision)